Jackie Cuneo

Mega Loans

Phone: (415) 948-5390

Licensed state: California


About me

With over 14 years as a licensed mortgage originator, my focus is on helping my clients access great mortgage options at competitive rates. 

I love being a loan originator and strive to provide responsive, personalized and professional service to my clients.

I’ve partnered with Loan Factory to provide clients a transparent, streamlined, and cost effective lending experience with one of the country’s top mortgage lenders. 

Real Estate is a team sport. I am here to support my referral partners and clients by educating, strategizing, solving challenges— and helping make dreams reality. I believe in using real estate financing to build financial security and achieve big dreams.

I am an active property owner and investor, and view mortgage financing as a powerful wealth-building tool that is an integral part of a comprehensive financial strategy. 

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