Vicki Minter

Mega Loans

Phone: (715) 308-0232

Licensed state: Washington

About me

Vicki is passionate about being part of the home ownership process. With years of experience in the housing industry (residential new construction, real estate sales agent, and mortgage lending), Vicki sees things other industry professionals may overlook, allowing her to help homeowners purchase and refinance one of their largest investments – a home. She is passionate about finding creative financing solutions for her clients, no matter how complex. Vicki utilizes dedication to learning, along with experience and insight to better understand the forces that drive interest rates. She keeps up-to-date on the latest complexities of mortgage lending and technology and is a vital resource for homeowners and realtors alike.

In her spare time, you will find Vicki spending time outdoors either walking, mowing the yard, tending to outdoor plants/flowers, sitting on the patio watching sunsets or maybe even watching a Harrison Ford movie. She loves to travel with her husband to new places while consuming unique foods and wine.

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